Derrynagarra Irish Moiled Cattle

The Irish Moiled is one of the rarest cattle breeds and is listed as ‘vulnerable’ on the rare Breeds Survival Trust’s Watch List.

Traditionally a dairy cow, it has earned the reputation as a truly dual purpose animal, producing both high quality marbled beef and milk from poorer quality grazing. It is naturally polled (no horns) and has quite distinctive markings.

We purchased our first Irish Moiled animals in 2006, starting with two in-calf heifers. They fit very well into our farming system, producing heifers and bulls for sale to other pedigree breeders and of course beef for the freezer.

Bulls are also of interest to commercial suckler farmers, because they are easy calving, have bright active calves with no horns!

Our animals are all DNA Typed, parentage proven and registered with the Irish Moiled Cattle Society. Part of the registration process is that the animals all have to be named.

Click on the link below to hear Helen naming them for Ella McSweeney:


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