December 2012

Where to start? We won’t mention the weather or the economy other than to say that our heads are still just above water at the end of 2012!

Had an interesting year with the Moiles. We brought a cow & calf to the Inishfood Festival which was having a rare breed workshop, and got a great response. We also replaced our stock bull, and ‘Tiny Tim’ has taken over the reins from McCabe.
All the calves born this year were bulls, but at least our only draught foal was a filly
Helen and the horses went to a few shows around the country and she continues to ride Clorin, who after ten foals, has turned into the perfect riding horse.

Christopher got to spend a weekend with his camera on the Antrim coast, doing a photography course (see photo above!) and continues to take the odd good photo around the farm, some of which used to go on the Blog. It will be up and active again in the New Year! Had a bit of bloggers block, having done one year, but a good dose of liver salts and a drop of liquid parafin should sort that out!

This year we put in some hunt jumps and gates along the bottom of the farm to allow the Westmeath Hunt go through for the first time. This they did in November, and a great day was had by all, they will be here again sometime in the spring.
Our faithful old sheepdog ‘Twig’ died in November at the age of 17, and while she had retired from sheepdog duties some time ago the yard just isn’t the same without her. The trio of terriers – Smidgen, Iota and Snip try to persuade us that they really do work for a living, but the fireside is in reality more appealing.

The winter store cupboards are full of farm and garden produce, so it’s still safe to visit and expect more than a cup of tea.
The apple trees managed some fruit and what we didn’t eat or cook was juiced and frozen for B&B breakfasts.
After a very promising start, it was a very difficult year for bees with very little surplus honey for us to extract, but we did get a small amount from clover & blackberry which should see us through to next year.

Wishing you a safe and peaceful Christmas & New Year.

Christopher & Helen.

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