Irish Draught Foal

Two years ago our young Irish Draught mare lost her foal at foaling. We decided not to put her back in foal and give her time to recover from the trauma.
Last year a deep breath was taken the mare was covered again and eleven months later this foal was born.


We’re always hoping for filly foals, and as this is the only foal that was due this year we’re more than delighted that it is a filly!


A grey horse is never born grey, the animals coat changes colour over the years until eventually the coat is white (but called grey!) Both the sire and dam of this foal are grey but interestingly I think the foal will stay chesnut in colour. Usually you can see a few grey hairs around the eyes if they are going to change.

Derrynagarra Celeste is a purebred Irish Draught mare. All Draught mares should be inspected to see if they meet the breed standards and Celeste was inspected as a two year old and given the status Registered Irish Draught (RID), her filly foal will just be  Irish Draught (ID) until she in turn goes forward for inspection in a few years time. In the mean time she can enjoy the sunshine at Lough Bishop House alongside her dam.The foal is by the RID stallion Crystal Crest who has since been exported to the USA.

Now we have to think of a name……….





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