The Farm

Lough Bishop House Bed & Breakfast : Organic Farm Westmeath

Lough Bishop House is set in the middle of a working farm, with sheep, cattle and horses.

We have long been concerned about the environment and since 1995 we have farmed within the guidelines and principles set out in the Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS). We are currently in REPS4.

In May 2008 we decided to take things further and now having complete the Conversion period we are full Organic Symbol holders licenced by IOFGA.

Lambing takes place in April, when there is more grass and the days are longer. The horses too have their foals in April, and calving is split between November and April. There is no nicer sight than groups of animals grazing contentedly in the sunshine.

August is when the meadow is cut to provide fodder for the winter months. We were delighted this year to find wild orchids growing in the meadow. We marked their position in the field and carefully mowed round them leaving them to finish flowering and go to seed!

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