Photos from the Orchard

In a rare 20 minutes of sunshine, I took the camera out to the orchard last Saturday to take some photos of the apple blossom.

The two James Grieves were bursting with blossom, and were buzzing with honey bees and bumble bees!

A rare sight this year, and I mean the blue sky not the bee! Our honey bees were taking full advantage,

and were collecting pollen and nectar from the blossom.


Notice the apple pollen on its back legs.

Pollen is the only protein available to bees and they can’t rear brood without it.

Once they’re loaded up it’s back to the hive with their precious cargo.

Not forgetting the humble bumble who was also busy in his work!










After about twenty minutes it clouded over and started to rain again.

The weather has been so poor that I have been feeding the bees all spring! I have supers on the hives, but the only reason they are on is to give the bees more room and hopefully prevent swarming until a bit later in the summer. Just by the by, when the supers are on, I feed them Fondant which they don’t store and which they only use when they need.

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